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How To Quit The Corporate Rat Race and Think Like A Total Boss - with Instagram Queen, Maggie Colette

May 19, 2020

Have you ever been in the presence of someone so magnetic, that everything just seems to flow effortlessly towards them? This is how I would describe today's podcast interviewee! She's a woman who fully LOVES her business (and it shows!) and she is such a powerful manifestor.

But Maggie wasn't always living this kind of life. She didn't always say yes to her dreams and ambitions. In fact, very much the opposite was true.

After spending 10 years in a highly pressurised role in Private Banking, Maggie quit her corporate job to follow her dream of becoming an entrepreneur.
Before launching her coaching business 3 years ago, Maggie was a side hustling as a luxury travel influencer alongside her corporate role. 
After working with high profile luxury brands on PR and digital marketing campaigns, Maggie launched her coaching business.
Today she runs an Instagram Agency and helps Female Entrepreneurs grow and scale their business through Instagram. 

She's the instagram Queen. Her instagram following consistently multiplies. She says YES to all that she desires and I'm so excited for you to hear how she turned her life the right side up and stepped fully into her magnetic powers of receiving.


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