The Girl Unfiltered Podcast

Empowering Women To Take Control Of Their Money - with Stefanie O’Connell

July 21, 2020


Key takeaways to tune in for:


  • (5:18) Ignoring money does not make it less stressful
  • (7:11) Money mindset shifts
  • (9:03) Healthy money practices
  • (11:06) What exactly is net worth?
  • (16:42) Identity & behavior are two distinct things when it comes to money
  • (18:55) Where does someone begin to learn about investing
  • (26:58) Retirement investments
  • (33:48) Money conversations to have with your partner


In this podcast episode, you’ll learn key tangible steps to take when it comes to setting a solid foundation within your personal finances and money management skills so that you can create a healthy, supportive and long term relationship with money. 


Stefanie O’Connell is a personal finance author and founder of @statement & @statement_event. She is  a nationally recognized money expert, on a mission to help ambitious women feel as confident with their money as they do in their careers.

She has been featured on ABC World News, CBS News, Fox & Friends, Reuters and The Dr Oz Show. And she is a go-to money expert for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Glamour, SUCCESS and Oprah Magazine.




Instagram: @Stefanieoconnell

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